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It is always exciting to see a litter born using frozen semen. We inseminated an Afghan Hound with semen that had been frozen for 23 years and a picture of the outcome is below. How wonderful to have the opportunity to go back that many years into a gene pool that would have been lost!


Clients often wonder why breeders go through all the effort to freeze semen. Here are a few of the positive attributes:

Long term benefits If you feel your dog has the genetic potential to improve your breed, he should have semen frozen while he is young after his health clearances are done. The semen will be available years later to be used by other breeders or by yourself in your own breeding program. You can always destroy the semen if you decide not to use it, but it is better to have it in case something unforeseen happens to him.

Convenience Once semen is frozen, it is always available for usage when a bitch comes into season. This is especially important when a lot of stud dogs are busy on the show circuit and not easily accessible for collections when needed.

International Usage Frozen semen is the most reliable form of semen when shipping overseas where it may take a bit longer to clear customs and get to its destination. Most of the shipper tanks will hold the semen frozen for up to 3 weeks, whereas chilled semen will not survive that long.

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