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Usually the birthing process doesn’t have any complications and the litter is delivered as expected. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform a cesarean section, or C-section, to increase the chances of healthy puppies.


Conditions that may indicate the need for an emergency c-section

  • Bitch passing dark GREEN discharge without any sign of a puppy
  • Dam is weak or overtired and not able to push any longer
  • Long delays (>1 hour) in between puppies, especially in large litters
  • Bitch straining for >30 minutes and no puppy produced
  • Dead pups being delivered
  • Maternal or fetal distress (fetal heartrates <160-170 beats per minute)
  • Ultrasound or radiographic evidence of problems

Maternal problems predisposing a c-section

  • Uterine inertia-condition where the uterus doesn’t efficiently contract
  • Birth canal too narrow or obstructed
  • Metabolic disease (ex: Gestational Diabetes)
  • Infection or illness
  • Uterine torsion or rupture

Fetal problems predisposing a c-section

  • Oversized fetus
  • Tangled with another puppy in birth canal
  • Malformed puppy

We take our own emergency calls, so if you have any questions after hours in the evening or on weekends or holidays, please do not hesitate to call us!! Our office number is 815-337-2900 and our pager number is 815-236-6873.

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