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Chilled Semen

What is "chilled" semen?

Chilled semen is one of the most popular ways semen is transported and used today. “Chilled” means that the semen is collected and then chilled down, or held at refrigerator temperature (40° F), using ice packs during transport overnight. This slows the semen activity down so that it does not use up much energy until it is warmed up inside of the bitch after inseminating.

Benefits for Using Chilled Semen for Breeding

Convenience of getting semen overnight from a stud dog located far away without having to ship either the stud dog or the bitch.

Longevity of storage as extended, chilled semen lives several days so can be collected and refrigerated if the stud dog is going out of town and the bitch is not yet ready to be bred.

Chilled Semen Procedure

Once the semen has been collected and evaluated for quantity, motility and quality, it is mixed in a test tube with an extender. Extender is a solution that contains nutrients, buffers, antibiotics, and cell wall protectants to help preserve the sperm quality and integrity while being chilled and shipped. We always check the semen again, after it has been extended, and show you the sample prior to shipment so you can see how it looks.

Shipping Chilled Semen

After processing the semen, the tube is properly labeled with the dog’s name, owner’s name, date, breed and AKC number and securely packaged in a Styrofoam box containing ice packs. Paperwork is placed in the box displaying the quantity of semen and extender so the veterinarian receiving the semen knows the details of the sample they are using.

We ship all of our semen using FedEx as the carrier. Most of the semen is shipped overnight with a guarantee that the recipient will receive it by 10:30 AM the next morning. Our facility is a known shipper, so we can ship or receive semen 365 days of the year, although it can be quite costly to ship “same day” to many areas of the country or on holidays. We send the recipient the tracking number after the box has been picked up, so they can watch the progression of the shipment on-line.

For the stud dog owner/handler:

We will need the following pieces of information at the time of collection for shipping chilled semen: 

  • Copy of his registration papers

  • Copy of his DNA certificate (This can be done on the day of the collection at our clinic. Just a reminder: AKC requires DNA when registering a litter from chilled semen)

  • Copy of his most recent Brucellosis test results (if last test was run more than 1 year ago, we will require one be run in house at time of collection)

  • If you are sending an agent to handle your dog, the follow form is required

    Agent authorization for semen collection, evaluation and usage​ FORM #2

For the bitch owner requesting semen:

Please fill out the entire form below and return (email, fax, etc) . If you are emailing the form please send it to [email protected]   Please do not call us with the information as we don't want to risk any mistakes resulting in delayed shipment!!

Shipping chilled canine semen request FORM #3