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Pre-Breeding/ First Visit

Staff member holding a puppy
Staff member holding a puppy

What should I bring on my first visit?

Prior to breeding, it is important to determine if your stud dog or bitch is a good candidate to either sire or carry a litter.  On your first visit, your dog will receive a comprehensive physical exam to assess his/her health.  

Please bring the following information with you for your first visit:

  • Copy of registration certificate (AKC, UKC, etc.)

  • Most recent brucellosis test (if already done)

  • Copy of DNA (if already done)

  • Any recent bloodwork from the past 6 months (including progestone for females)

  • Medical records if any recent or chronic problems

  • Vaccination records

**Please fill out the appropriate form for your first visit and bring the completed form to the appointment.**

Female:  Bitch History for Reproductive Evaluation FORM #11

Male:  Male Dog History for Reproductive Evaluation FORM #12

Every breed has problems of one kind or another.  We can help you screen for these problems to be sure that your female or male doesn't pass them on to the next generation.  Which tests your dog could benefit from depends on the breed.  Examples of some of the additional tests include: